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                             2016 Season

Earl Vaughan Jr.'s Spring Football Tour Reports
Douglas Byrd    E.E. Smith   Terry Sanford    South View   Gray's Creek
Cape Fear
   Seventy First   Westover    Pine Forest   Jack Britt


2015 Season

2014 Season

Fayetteville Observer Team Previews
Cape Fear  Douglas Byrd    E.E. Smith   Gray's Creek    Jack Britt 
  Pine Forest  Seventy First   South View   Terry Sanford   Westover

Football Team Opening Day Practice Articles (Fayetteville Observer)
Pine Forest   Gray's Creek   Seventy First   E.E. Smith   South View
Cape Fear
    Terry Sanford    Douglas Byrd   Westover    Jack Britt

Football Opening Day Practice Videos (Fayetteville Observer)
Cape Fear    Seventy First    E.E. Smith   Gray's Creek 
Pine Forest 
    South View    Terry Sanford   Douglas Byrd    Jack Britt

2012 Season

Football Team Capsules (Fayetteville Observer)
Cape Fear    Douglas Byrd    E.E. Smith    Gray's Creek   Jack Britt
Pine Forest   Seventy First   South View   Terry Sanford   Westover

CCS Football Players to Watch for 2012 (Fayetteville Observer)
Douglas Byrd    Pine Forest   Seventy First   Cape Fear   Westover
South View
    Gray's Creek   E.E. Smith   Terry Sanford    Jack Britt

2011 Season

Football Team Previews (Fayetteville Observer)
Pine Forest   Seventy First   South View   Westover
Douglas Byrd    Jack Britt   E.E. Smith   Terry Sanford
Gray's Creek  Cape Fear   Region 3-A/4-A 

First Day of Football Practice Articles (Fayetteville Observer)
Cape Fear    Douglas Byrd    E.E. Smith     Gray's Creek    Jack Britt
Pine Forest    Seventy First   South View    Terry Sanford   Westover

2010 Season

Fayetteville Observer Team Previews (2010)
Seventy First   Cape Fear   Jack Britt   E.E. Smith    Pine Forest 
Terry Sanford  South View   Gray's Creek    Douglas Byrd    Westover
3-A/4-A Region Teams

2009 Season

2008 Season

2007 Season

2006 Season

2005 Season

2004 Season

2003 Season

2002 Season

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Football Coaches
School Coach
Cape Fear Jacob Thomas
Douglas Byrd Mike Paroli
E.E. Smith Deron Donald
Jack Britt Brian Rimpf
Gray's Creek David Lovette
Pine Forest Bill Sochovka
Seventy First Duran McLaurin
South View Rodney Brewington
Terry Sanford Bryan Till
Westover Stephen Roberson