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2021 All American Athletic Conference Football
All-Conference Team

Coach of the Year
Ernest King (Westover)

Offensive Player of the Year
Keyshun Taylor (Pine Forest)

Defensive Player of the Year
Twan Anderson (Westover)

Special Teams Player of the Year
Latrell Carter (Pine Forest)

Cumberland County Football Stats

Offense Defense
1st Team Selections 1st Team Selections
Quarterback Defensive Line
Joshua Jones (Westover) Nathan McKoy (Triton)
Running Backs Khalil McLean (Harnett Central)
Javon Cowan (Triton) Remington Workman (Westover)
Tay'Shawn Moore (Harnett Central) Quentin Brown (Pine Forest)
Jonathan Higgins-Simmons (Terry Sanford) Damien Robinson (Overhills)
Jre Jackson (Terry Sanford) Linebackers
Seth Franklin (E.E. Smith) Ross Stevens (Triton)
Wide Receivers Barnes Smith (Terry Sanford)
Rashid Jones (Terry Sanford) Ku'lil Bandmann (Pine Forest)
Jamari Stallion (Westover) Benny Nena (Overhills)
Ean Ward (Pine Forest) Defensive Backs
Tight End Carlos Craig (Terry Sanford)
James Shaw (Triton) Jarren Alexander (Westover)
Offensive Line Fred Logan (Pine Forest)
Noah Jackson (Triton) Justin Eaglin (Pine Forest)
E..J. Artis (Harnett Central) Delano Blevins (Pine Forest)
Christian Deaver (Terry Sanford) Punter
Lewis McAllister (Westover) Chris Gama (Overhills)
Nick Magyar (Overhills)
Place Kicker
Carter Daughtery (Triton)
Honorable Mention Honorable Mention
Quarterback Defensive Line
Jordan Bryant (Overhills) Trevon Wactor (Terry Sanford)
Running Backs Jalen McDonald (Pine Forest)
Elijah Bass (Western Harnett) Hunter Berryhill (Overhills)
Jansen Gibbs (Westover) Linebackers
Khamari Crumpler (E.E. Smith) Myles Washam (Western Harnett)
Zarron Jeter (Pine Forest) Damodrick Foster (Westover)
Justin Hobbs (Overhills) Floyd Wall (Westover)
Wide Receivers Kanye Butler (E.E. Smith)
Ian Bistow (Western Harnett) David Adams (Pine Forest)
Kaivaughn Spence (Westover) Rod Roberts (Pine Forest)
Chris Mills (Harnett Central) Jamison Reed (Pine Forest)
Offensive Line Defensive Backs
Jayden Giles (Triton) Joshua Reed (Westover)
Christian Olivas (Terry Sanford) Punter
Heyward Bell (Pine Forest) Ku'ili Bandmann (Pine Forest)
Johnathan Berry (Pine Forest)
Tight End
Sebastian Tyson (Western Harnett)

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