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2021 United 8 Athletic Conference Football
All-Conference Team

Coach of the Year
Duran McLaurin (Seventy First)

Offensive Player of the Year
Anthony Quinn (Seventy First)

Defensive Player of the Year
Jamieson Alston (Seventy First)

Specialist of the Year
Julius Riley (Seventy First)

Cumberland County Football Stats

Offense Defense
1st Team Selections 1st Team Selections
Quarterback Defensive Line
Cole Wilson (Cape Fear) Tavitta Harrison (Gray's Creek)
Running Backs Amarie Daniels (Jack Britt)
Jayden Shotwell (Seventy First) Quintez Shipman (Lumberton)
Jemell Vereen (Jack Britt) Bryan Brewington (South View)
Wide Receivers Linebackers
Richard McDonald (Cape Fear) Keyshon Washington (Cape Fear)
Jamareese Ray (South View) Tyler Jeffress (Jack Britt)
Jarod Brown (South View) Isaac Lewis (Seventy First)
Tight End Blake Crawford (South View)
Jaylen Johnson (South View) Defensive Backs
Offensive Line Mekhai Coleman (Cape Fear)
Dontae Small (Douglas Byrd) Trevaun Allen (Jack Britt)
Gage Pate (Gray's Creek) Mendez Lucas (Seventy First)
Blake Blackburn (Jack Britt) Donovan Davis (Seventy First)
Nicholas Bailey (Seventy First) Punter
Ashton Williams (Seventy First) Ernest Bratcher (Lumberton)
Jakori Hood (South View)
Place Kicker
Jay Haggins (South View)  
2nd Team Selections 2nd Team Selections
Quarterback Defensive Line
Cedavion Wimbley (South View) Chris Krings (Cape Fear)
Running Backs Jared Bynum (Seventy First)
Richard Williams (Gray's Creek) Davion Jackson (South View)
Armer Mitchell (Gray's Creek) Linebackers
Wide Receivers Jamari Williams (Cape Fear)
Sincere Baines (Jack Britt) Josiah Brooks (Purnell Swett)
Garyen Maynor (Purnell Swett) Raymond McCray (Seventy First)
Offensive Line Isaac Evans (South View)
Jayden Kegler (Douglas Byrd) Defensive Backs
Tyler Thompson (Gray's Creek) Mahlik Charles (South View)
Raham Williams (Seventy First) Sivan Smith (South View)
Khristian Cotton (Seventy First Malachi Jordan (South View)
Honorable Mention Honorable Mention
Deandre Nance (Seventy First) Josiah Boyd (Seventy First)
Luca Duarte (Jack Britt) Jameion Johnson (Douglas Byrd)
Demarcus Carroll (Douglas Byrd) Elijah Smith (Douglas Byrd)
Cordelle Frye (Gray's Creek) Demontrius Ratliff (Seventy First)
Michael Breedlove (South View) Austin Seagroves (Cape Fear)
Trevon Thaggard (Cape Fear) Landon Sargent (Cape Fear)
Jace McLaughlin (Douglas Byrd) Elijah Wilson (Gray Creek)
Isaac Locklear (Purnell Swett) Hector Bautista (Seventy First)
Melik Thomas (Seventy First) Zavion Hill (Seventy First)
Aaron Downing (Seventy First) Javon Webb (Gray's Creek)
Jacoby Pevia (Lumberton) Rico McDonald (Cape Fear)
Avery Moore (Cape Fear) Josiah Carpenter (Douglas Byrd)
TeJohn Darden (Douglas Byrd) Tsion Brown (Gray's Creek)
Patrick McBride (Lumberton) Lynn Richardson (Seventy First)
Omar Houston (Seventy First) Kyle Johnson (Jack Britt)

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