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2022 United 8 Athletic Conference Football
All Conference Team

Conference Champion
Seventy First

Coach of the Year
Duran McLaurin (Seventy First)

Offensive Player of the Year
Sincere Baines (Jack Britt)

Defensive Player of the Year
Hector Batista (Seventy First)

Special Teams Player of the Year
Tyler Buckley (Cape Fear)

Conference Stat Leaders

Offense Defense
1st Team Selections 1st Team Selections
Quarterback Defensive Line
Cole Wilson (Cape Fear) Nakoma Scott (Lumberton)
Running Backs Jasiah Harmer (Seventy First)
Anthony Quinn (Seventy First) Mike Smith (Jack Britt)
Jayden Shotwell (Seventy First) Jacoby Chavis (Purnell Swett)
Wide Receivers Linebackers
Tyler Davis (Gray's Creek) Landon Sargent (Cape Fear)
Brandon Sanders (South View) Donovan Frederick (Seventy First)
Aaron Downing (Seventy First) Raymond McCray (Seventy First)
Tight End Zack Pickel (Jack Britt)
Jabari Rone (Jack Britt) Defensive Backs
Offensive Line Mekhai Coleman (Cape Fear)
Chris Krings (Cape Fear) Donavan Pauling-Outlaw (South View)
Kristian Cotton (Seventy First) Donovan Davis (Seventy First)
Ashton Williams (Seventy First) Jabari Lee (Jack Britt)
Blake Blackburn (Jack Britt) Punter
Esteban Morales (Jack Britt) Jameion Johnnson (Douglas Byrd)
Place Kicker
Ethan Emery (Jack Britt)  
2nd Team Selections 2nd Team Selections
Quarterback Defensive Line
Deandre Nance (Seventy First) Christian Walker (Gray's Creek)
Running Backs Marquan Footman (Cape Fear)
Javon Webb (Gray's Creek) Joshua Thomas (Jack Britt)
Christian Rutledge (South View) Linebackers
Wide Receivers Caleb Carroway (Gray's Creek)
Devonte Hill (Cape Fear) Bobby Soles (South View)
Jacary Lightsey (Cape Fear) Bryce Bennett (Jack Britt)
Offensive Line Charles Wilkes (Purnell Swett)
Jodi Freeman (Purnell Swett) Defensive Backs
Zavier Barrett (Gray's Creek) Kahlil Johansen (Gray's Creek)
Donte Small (Douglas Byrd) Avery Moore (Cape Fear)
Zymeir McPaul (Seventy First) Omar Houston (Seventy First)
Nick Bailey (Seventy First)  
Honorable Mention Honorable Mention
Quarterback Defensive Line
Tariq Clarida (South View) Nakota Locklear (Lumberton)
Deshawn Gillespie (Douglas Byrd) Nathan Fowler (Gray's Creek)
Running Backs Benny Alford (Gray's Creek)
Rashad Dockery (South View) Zamonte Christian (South View)
Sincere Blount (Douglas Byrd) Devin Lewis (Cape Fear)
Favour Murtala (Cape Fear) Desmond Harris (Cape Fear)
Jacoby Pevia (Lumberton) Linebackers
Wide Receivers Jackson Karcher (Gray's Creek)
Marcus Lowery (Purnell Swett) Robert Moore (Cape Fear)
Deshaun Johnson (South View) Dontario Austin (South View)
Wyatt Rodgers (Douglas Byrd) Gavin Williams (South View)
Rico McDonald (Cape Fear) Jayon'e Paschall (Douglas Byrd)
 Tight End Jamari Kershaw (Douglas Byrd)
Elijah Wilson (Gray's Creek) Malik Thomas (Seventy First)
Ty Stewart (Gray's Creek) Defensive Backs
Jakori Hood (South View) John Ward (Gray's Creek)
Jace McLaughlin (Douglas Byrd) Chris Moulder (Gray's Creek)
Offensive Line Jaydon Richardson (South View)
Talon Blacker (Gray's Creek) Jamar Gilliard (South View)
Zachary Colon (Douglas Byrd) Kamari Faison (Cape Fear)
Jeremiah Short (Cape Fear) Dakari Johnson (Seventy First)
Andre Bethea (Lumberton) Zachary Lewis (Seventy First)
Anthony Braddy (Lumberton) Michael Pitts (Lumberton)
Kickers Roderick McCallum (Lumberton)
Griffin McIntosh (Gray's Creek)
Brayden Burge (South View)

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