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2001 Two Rivers Conference Football

All Conference Teams

Coach of the Year - Frank Jernigan - Purnell Swett                Football Stats

Offensive Player of the Year - Kelvin Haywood - South View

Defensive Player of the Year - Robbie Doss - South View

1st Team        
Offense     Defense  


    Defensive Line  
Buddy Fuller Lumberton   Steve Drayton Cape Fear
Running Backs     Ernest Brown Pine Forest
Brian McLean Cape Fear   Jay Dedeaux E.E. Smith
L.J. Hill South View   Marcell Maxwell South View
Jarrett Meadors Purnell Swett   Brandon Bowden South View
Receivers     Linebackers  
Terrell McLaurin Cape Fear   Brandon Gorham Cape Fear
Brad Herring Lumberton   Robert Dowdy Pine Forest
Wallace Wright Pine Forest   Jake Tenuta Terry Sanford
Tight End     Jeremy Johnson E.E. Smith
Robert Dowdy Pine Forest   Defensive Backs  

Offensive Line

    Marcus Satterwaite Pine Forest
Thad Hedgpeth Lumberton   C.J. Acker Pine Forest
Son Won Yun Pine Forest   Antwan McKeithan E.E. Smith
Demarcus Tyler E.E. Smith   Kelvin Haywood South View
Daniel Inman South View   Punter  
Joshua Deese Purnell Swett   Jarrett Meadors Purnell Swett
Place Kicker        
Aubrey Whitfield South View      
2nd Team        
Quarterback     Defensive Line  
Zeb Nichols Cape Fear   Terrence Winborne Cape Fear
Running Backs     Mario McDuffie Lumberton
Ronald Hugine Pine Forest   Trey Green E.E. Smith
Chris Wooten E.E. Smith   Demarcus Tyler E.E. Smith
Len Fairley Purnell Swett   Martrell Brown Purnell Swett
Receivers     Linebackers  
Ike Singletary Lumberton   Clarence Jones Lumberton
Mark Branson Pine Forest   Michael Jackson Pine Forest
Delon Lowe E.E. Smith   Chris Caudill South View
Tight End     Ryan Deese Purnell Swett
O.J. Carter Cape Fear   Defensive Backs  
Offensive Line     Juan Cosme Cape Fear
Ronnie Wike Cape Fear   Deon Mitchell Lumberton
Terrence Winborne Cape Fear   Mark Branson Pine Forest
Kyndreas Guy South View   Donte Goins Terry Sanford
Adam Blake South View   Punter  
Issac Martinez Purnell Swett   C.J. Acker Pine Forest
Place Kicker        
Matt Richardson Terry Sanford      
Honorable Mention        
Quarterback     Defensive Line  
Patrick Pinkney Pine Forest   Marvin Smith Purnell Swett
Running Backs     Ronnie Wike Cape Fear
D.J. Moore Lumberton   David Williams Lumberton
Kyle Lofton E.E. Smith   Linebackers  
Howard Fuller South View   Darryl Locklear Purnell Swett
Receivers     Jacson McCants Purnell Swett
Adrian Worley Lumberton   Defensive Backs  
Gene Suarez E.E. Smith   Jason Weathington Cape Fear
Richard Fatuesi South View   Adam Atkinson Cape Fear
Offensive Line     Matt Hunt Lumberton
Graham Giles Cape Fear   Keith Williams Pine Forest
Naseri Esteuini Lumberton   Punter  
Milton Lewis Lumberton   Mike Strickland Cape Fear
David Spenser Pine Forest      
Antonio Rada E.E. Smith      
Greg Keller E.E. Smith      
Daniel Redding E.E. Smith      
Kenwin Cummings Purnell Swett      
Place Kicker      
Ryan Blake Cape Fear          

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