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2010 Mid South Conference Football

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year
Bob Paroli (Seventy First)

Offensive Player of the Year
Anthony Riggin (Jack Britt)

Defensive Player of the Year
John Brown (Seventy First)

Athlete of the Year
Dante McDonald (Terry Sanford)

Cumberland County Football Stats

Offense     Defense  
1st Team     1st Team  
Quarterback     Defensive Line  
Bryson Hall Pine Forest   Gabe Evans Pine Forest
Running Backs     Tommy Cain South View
Maurice Scruggs Seventy First   Devonte Brown Jack Britt
Tyrel Bryant-Dove Seventy First   Greg McNair Seventy First
Julius Ingram Jack Britt   Linebackers  
Receivers     Nick Broussard Terry Sanford
Johnny Autry Cape Fear   Damien Owens E.E. Smith
Darius Carter Jack Britt   Marquis McMillan Jack Britt
Joshua Rayford E.E. Smith   Willie Thompson Seventy First
Tight End     Defensive Backs  
Eric Mac Lain Jack Britt   Dahman McKinnon South View

Offensive Line

    Maurice Scruggs Seventy First
John David Cape Fear   Cameron Bandurraga Terry Sanford
Judd Moreno Jack Britt   Lance Harris Jack Britt
Jarrious McKoy Seventy First   Punter  
Frank Vazquez Terry Sanford   Eric Mac Lain Jack Britt
Eric James Seventy First      
Place Kicker        
John Rains Jack Britt      
2nd Team      2nd Team  
Quarterback     Defensive Line  
Phillip Bell E.E. Smith   Greg Gilmore South View
Running Backs     Jerry McNeil E.E. Smith
Devin Carter Seventy First   R.J. Kaiser Jack Britt
Kishawn Akins Pine Forest   Remington Scott Seventy First
Chris Kelly Cape Fear   Linebackers  
Receivers     Devon McCoy Cape Fear
Jason Marshall Pine Forest   Taharqa Morris Jack Britt
Eric Williams Pine Forest   Brian Perinon Seventy First
Diante' Hodges E.E. Smith   Kris Johnson South View

Offensive Line

    Defensive Backs  
Jonathan Brown Seventy First   Josh Epps Terry Sanford
Leo Gonzalez South View   Marcus Baker Seventy First
Cole Truelove Terry Sanford   Angelo Stephens E.E. Smith
Albert Raynor South View   B.J. Fields South View
DeAndre Briggs E.E. Smith   Punter  
Place Kicker     Kendall Lindsey Seventy First
Jordan Jacobs Cape Fear      


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