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2016 Cape Fear Valley Conference Football

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year
Stephen Roberson (Westover)

Offensive Player of the Year
Jahmir Smith (Lee County)

Co-Defensive Players of the Year
Jake Thomas (Lee County)

Special Teams Player of the Year
Richard McCollum (Southern Lee)

Cumberland County Football Stats

Offense     Defense  
1st Team     1st Team  
Quarterback     Defensive Line  
Christian Jayne Terry Sanford   Hunter Armstrong Terry Sanford
Warren Bell Westover   Taijh Alston Union Pines
Running Backs     Jonathan Terrell Lee County
T.J. McMillian Gray's Creek   J.L. Ledbetter Lee County
Jareel Allen Westover   Linebackers  
Receivers     Dan Long Southern Lee
Ishois Times Southern Lee   Keaton Forbes Lee County
Wendell Hill Southern Lee   Shylik Mearite Terry Sanford
Montrell Williams Terry Sanford   Deandre Adams Union Pines

Offensive Line

    Defensive Backs  
Tyler Clifford Douglas Byrd   Nate Thompson Southern Lee
Jamesian Hairr Union Pines   Patrick Foushee Lee County
Nick Anderson Terry Sanford   Daonte Zinnamon Gray's Creek
Jaylen Peoples Westover   Nylan Simms Westover
Jerome Ferguson Lee County      
2nd Team      2nd Team  
Quarterback     Defensive Line  
Noah Terhune Southern Lee   Chris Wilson Westover
Running Backs     Ethan Lovick Southern Lee
Leonard Beckett Gray's Creek   Aaron Harrison Gray's Creek
Justin Eberhart Union Pines   Charles Kelly Union Pines
Receivers     Linebackers  
Javonte Jackson Lee County   Kavon Altel-Darby Westover
Tyron George Westover   Jays'son Leach Westover
Andrew Jayne Terry Sanford   Dylan Porter Gray's Creek

Offensive Line

    Defensive Backs  
Corey West Southern Lee   Aireus Byrd Douglas Byrd
Tyreece McDomick Gray's Creek   Juston Alexander Union Pines
Stephen Forbes Terry Sanford   Bryce Gholston Terry Sanford
Leon Lowry Terry Sanford   Draquan Ray Westover
Ethan West Lee County      

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