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2022 All American Athletic Conference Football
All Conference Team

Conference Champion
Pine Forest

Coach of the Year
Bill Sochovka (Pine Forest)

Offensive Player of the Year
Dante Garcia (Terry Sanford)

Defensive Player of the Year
Chris Gama (Overhills)

Special Teams Player of the Year
Shyhiem Cooke (Triton)

Conference Stat Leaders

Player Class Position School
Nyzir Bostick Junior Defensive Back Pine Forest
Zarron Jetter Senior Running Back Pine Forest
Jamison Reed Senior Linebacker Pine Forest
Mathias Winston Senior Linebacker Pine Forest
Latrell Carter Sophomore Wide Receiver Pine Forest
Fredrick Logan Junior Defensive Back Pine Forest
Xayden Watson Junior Quarterback Pine Forest
Rodrick Roberts Senior Linebacker Pine Forest
Lael Anderson Senior Wide Receiver/Punter Pine Forest
Jeremiah Sandsbury Senior Defensive End Pine Forest
Alvin Crosby Senior Defensive Line Pine Forest
Ty Anthony Locklear Senior Offensive Line Pine Forest
Lance Noon Senior Linebacker Terry Sanford
Trevon Wactor Senior Defensive Line/Tight End Terry Sanford
Brenden Jackson Senior Running Back/Defensive Line Terry Sanford
Kamal Thames Junior Defensive Back/Wide Receiver Terry Sanford
Jesus Hernandez Senior Offensive Line/Defensive End Terry Sanford
Johnathan Higgins-Simmons Junior Running Back/Linebacker Terry Sanford
Patrick Shook Senior Wide Receiver Terry Sanford
Kenyon Slaughter-Keen Junior Running Back/Defensive Back Terry Sanford
Christian Olivas Senior Offensive Line Terry Sanford
Carlos Craig Senior Wide Receiver/Defensive Back Terry Sanford
Jordan Bryant Senior Quarterback Overhills
Isaiah Page Senior Wide Receiver Overhills
Kevon Lalin Senior Running Back Overhills
Jontez James Jr. Junior Offensive Line Overhills
Nick Magyar Senior Offensive Line Overhills
Jaiden Baker Senior Defensive-Offensive Tackle Overhills
DeBoris Williams Senior Linebacker Overhills
Christian Daniel Senior Defensive Back Overhills
Deandre Smith Senior Defensive-Offensive Tackle Triton
Ross Stevens  Senior Linebacker Triton
Jalen Evans     Triton
Eligah Holmes Senior Defensive Back/Running Back Triton
Elijah Stewart-Williams Senior   Triton
Jamal Shaw Junior Defensive Tackle Triton
Joshua Jones Senior Quarterback Westover
Jadon Rourk Freshman Wide Receiver Westover
Jaden Johnson Senior Wide Receiver Westover
Damodrick Foster Senior Linebacker Westover
Floyd Wall Jr Senior Linebacker Westover
Cameron Hunt Junior Linebacker Westover
Delshaun Brown Freshman Wide Receiver Harnett Central
Noah Rhodes Junior Linebacker Harnett Central
Matthew Tarpey   Offensive Line Harnett Central
Nydarius Vandergriff Junior Defensive Line Harnett Central
Malachi Griddine Senior Defensive Back/Linebacker E.E. Smith
Seth Franklin Senior Wide Receiver/Running Back E.E. Smith
Jonathan Williams Junior Defensive Line E.E. Smith
Adom Hembrick Sophomore Defensive Back E.E. Smith
Bryce Browning Junior Wide Receiver Western Harnett
Will Wicklin Sophomore Linebacker Western Harnett
Elijah Robertson Senior Defensive Back Western Harnett
Cary Weymouth Senior Offensive-Defensive Line Western Harnett

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