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2019 Patriot Athletic Conference Football
All-Conference Team

Coach of the Year
Rodney Brewington (South View)

Athlete of the Year
Matthew Pemberton (South View)

Offensive Player of the Year
Dorian Clark (Terry Sanford)

Defensive Player of the Year
Jackson Deaver (Terry Sanford)

Cumberland County Football Stats

Offense Defense
1st Team Selections 1st Team Selections
Quarterback Defensive Line
   Jacob Knight (Terry Sanford)    Markell Samuels (E.E. Smith)
Running Backs    Joel Evans (South View)
   Keyshown Lindsey (Westover)    Elijah Morris (Terry Sanford)
   Jerry Garcia Jr. (Gray's Creek    Kendal Evans (Gray's Creek)
Wide Receivers Linebackers
   Yates Johnson (Terry Sanford)    Justin McClintock (Gray's Creek)
   Kevin Brewington (South View)    Mark Burks (Cape Fear)
   Nasir Daniel (Overhills)    Donta Autry (South View)
   Jailen Hobbs (Overhills)    Da'Shaun Rivera (South View)
   Bryan Davis (E.E. Smith) Defensive Backs
Tight End    Tyquan Hayes (Terry Sanford)
   Ezemdi Udoh (Terry Sanford)    Da'Juan Lockhart (South View)
Offensive Line    Timel Smith (South View)
   Caleb Krings (Cape Fear)    Randy Franklin (E.E. Smith
   Terry McLaughlin (Gray's Creek) Punter
   Ethan Denzer (South View)    Mason Smith (Cape Fear)
   Dejon Gilliam (Overhills)
   Darrius Johnson (E.E. Smith) 2nd Team Selections
Place Kicker Defensive Line
   Mason Smith (Cape Fear)    Remington Workman (Westover)
   Zion Cameron (Douglas Byrd)
2nd Team Selections    Jarvis Higgins (Terry Sanford)
Quarterback    Xavier Johnson (Pine Forest)
   Chris Perkins (Overhills)    Nick Minicapelli (Cape Fear)
Running Backs Linebackers
   D.J. Jones (Pine Forest)    Jarvis Dudley (E.E. Smith)
   Cayden McKethan (Cape Fear)    Bernard Flerlage (Pine Forest)
Wide Receivers    Isaiah Locklear (Douglas Byrd)
   Devon Marshall (Westover)    Jerry Smith (Overhills)
   Israel Reuben (Terry Sanford) Defensive Backs
   Jemel McLean (Pine Forest)    Xjavian McMillian (Westover)
   Daniel Dawson (E.E. Smith)    Dalton Patrick (Gray's Creek)
Offensive Line    Chad McDonald (Terry Sanford)
   Nahala Moore (Westover)    Jaysen Smalls (Overhills)
   Arden Billington (Douglas Byrd)
   Garrett Crockett (Gray's Creek) Honorable Mention
   Christian Deaver (Terry Sanford) Defensive Line
   Taeveon Dove (South View)    Darrick Whitted (Cape Fear)
Tight End    Jalen Johnson (Gray's Creek)
   Joshua George (South View)    Michael Herbert (South View)
   Mahlik Gonzalez (South View)
Honorable Mention    Chris Green (Pine Forest)
Quarterback Linebackers
   Jaden Jones (Pine Forest)    Josiah Arreguin (Gray's Creek)
   Dashawn McCullough (E.E. Smith)    Micah Nelson (Cape Fear)
Running Backs    Marzea Saunders (South View)
   Tyrese Harris (South View)    Christian Ray (South View)
   Jre Jackson (Terry Sanford)    Brenden Tibbs (E.E. Smith)
Tight End    Sequan Smith (Terry Sanford)
   Nick Minicapelli (Cape Fear) Defensive Backs
Offensive Line    Glendell Herring (Douglas Byrd)
   Zyon McEachin (Douglas Byrd)    James Sealy (Cape Fear)
   Mike Wesolowski (Cape Fear)    Lamon Lock (Cape Fear)
   Chason Bryant (Cape Fear)    Maurice Jones (Terry Sanford)
   Michael Herbert (South View)    Ahmir Ashley (South View)
   John Sullivan (Pine Forest)    Trevon Hinton (E.E. Smith)
   Seth Smith (Pine Forest)
   Blake Marshburn (Pine Forest)
   Hayden Honeycutt (Terry Sanford)
   Anthony Morris (E.E. Smith)

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