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Up & Coming Weekly Scholar Athlete of the Week - Alaina Kazmierczak (Jack Britt - Cheerleading) (10/2/18)

Up & Coming Weekly Scholar Athlete of the Week - Xavea Crump (Seventy First - Cheerleading) (9/24/18)

Up & Coming Weekly Scholar Athlete of the Week - Sydnie Lubbers (Jack Britt - Cheerleading (1/23/18)

New policy has cheerleaders stomping mad (Up & Coming Weekly - 10/31/17)

Up & Coming Weekly Scholar Athlete of the Week (Preslyn Johnson (Cape Fear - Cheerleading/Basketball) (4/5/17)

Preps Spotlight: Cape Fear's Kinsley Johnson named Carolina Panthers Community Captain (Fayetteville Observer - 11/11/15)

Terry Sanford cheerleaders, Reid Ross dancers to perform at bowl games (Fayetteville Observer - 12/31/12)

Is cheerleading a sport (Fayetteville Observer - 6/30/10)

Terry Sanford Varsity Cheerleading awarded top honors (7/24/09)

High School Notebook: Could cheerleaders start wearing helmets? (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 4/23/09)

High School Notebook: Site change for cheer competition a plus (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 11/6/08)

High School Notebook: Raleigh will be full of cheer this weekend (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 11/15/07)

High School Notebook: Cheerleader’s prize money goes to a good cause (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 10/19/06)

Terry Sanford wins 4th straight Cheerleading title (Fayetteville Observer - 10/2/06)

Prep Thursday: Cheerleading conflicts (Fayetteville Observer - 9/28/06)

Cheerleader eligibility at risk (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 3/30/06)

Prep Notes: Local firm sponsoring top cheering award (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 8/17/05)

Terry Sanford cheerleaders to compete in state event (Fayetteville Observer - 11/11/04)

Cheerleading history in the making (Fayetteville Observer - 11/13/03)

NCHSAA Invitational Cheerleading Championship (NC iHigh - 11/8/03)

High School Notebook: Jackson undergoes surgery - South View Cheerleaders place second...... (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 1/30/03)

Dangerous cheerleading stunts banned (Fayetteville Observer - 6/16/02)

Terry Sanford takes cheerleading title (Fayetteville Observer - 10/8/01)

Westover cheerleaders feel the thrill of victory (Fayetteville Observer - 10/7/01)

Cheer Camp (Fayetteville Observer - 8/23/01)

Westover students, coach taking cheering to a whole new level (Fayetteville Observer - 6/24/01)

The making of a cheerleading coach (Fayetteville Observer - 6/24/01)

Cheerleading has come a long way (Fayetteville Observer - 5/6/01)

Westover cheerleading squad wins title (See Earl Vaughan's column in Fayetteville Observer - 4/12/01)

UNC’s welcome not warm for prep event; Mid South All Conference Cheerleading Team (See Earl Vaughan's column in Fayetteville Observer - 3/8/01)

Standing up for cheering; Ayers leaves Westover (See Earl Vaughan's column in Fayetteville Observer - 1/18/01)

Cheerleaders take step backwards by missing tournament (See Earl Vaughan's column in Fayetteville Observer - 1/12/01)

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