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Individual Championships - 2023

Boys Championship
Alex Schenk (Terry Sanford) #3 seed defeated Sylas Woodmancy (Gray's Creek)  #2 seed, 228 - 204
Stellan Matter (Pine Forest) #4 seed defeated Dwight Parrish (Jack Britt)  #1 seed, 179 - 159
Stellan Matter (Pine Forest) defeated Alex Schenk (Terry Sanford), 244 - 182

Boys Individual Tournament Results

All Conference
Stallan Matter (Pine Forest) - Conference MVP
Dwight Parrish (Jack Britt)
Sylas Woodmancy (Gray's Creek)
Alex Schenk (Terry Sanford)
LaDamien Davis (Lumberton)
Noah Dalton (E.E. Smith)
Dylan Canali (Pine Forest)
Nicholas Letourneau (Jack Britt)
Chayden Locklear (Lumberton)
James McCormick (South View)
Dykashie Harris (Westover)

State Tournament Qualifiers
Lumberton, Jack Britt, Gray's Creek, Terry Sanford

Girls Championship
Cierra Godwin (Purnell Swett) #3 seed defeated Olivia Richards (Pine Forest) #2 seed, 235 - 192
Harmony Richardson (Purnell Swett) #1 seed defeated Kaylee McDonald (Lumberton) #4 seed, 205 - 203
Cierra Godwin (Purnell Swett) defeated Harmony Richardson (Purnell Swett) 225 - 180

Girls Individual Tournament Results

All Conference
Cierra Godwin (Purnell Swett) - Conference MVP
Harmony Richardson (Purnell Swett)
Olivia Richards (Pine Forest)
Kaylee McDonald (Lumberton)
Mindy McLamb (Pine Forest
Teala McMillan (Purnell Swett)
Jade Plotner (Gray's Creek)
Caitlin Cuellar (Jack Britt)
Taliyah Evans (E.E. Smith)
Summer Britt (Lumberton)
Keira Williams (Terry Sanford)
Isabel Musselwhite (Jack Britt)

State Tournament Qualifiers
Purnell Swett, Gray's Creek Lumberton, Pine Forest

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