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2016 Mid South Conference Boys' Tennis

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year
Gary Scearse (Cape Fear)

Player of the Year
Nate Evans (Cape Fear)

Jason Chay Jack Britt
Jacob Cole Cape Fear
Caleb Edkins South View
Hunter Jones Pine Forest
Adam Heitkamp Jack Britt
John Fletcher South View
Jose Velardes Pine Forest
Dung Nguyen Jack Britt
Connor Gaither Cape Fear
Hyun Lee South View
Matt Delaney South View
Josh Hughes Overhills
Honorable Mention  
Connor Ryan Overhills
Thurman McLean Overhills
Anthony Wren South View
Hunter Edkins South View
Connor Gaither-Spencer Hix Cape Fear
Caleb Edkins-John Fletcher South View
Adam Heitkamp-Dung Nguyen Jack Britt
Charles Geter-Jake Thompson Overhills
Matt Delaney-Hyun Lee South View
Jacob Cole-Darien Knapp Cape Fear
Honorable Mention  
Jonathan Rossi-Andres Valentin Pine Forest

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