Cumberland County Schools' High School Athletic Web Site

2007 Mid Southeastern Conference Volleyball

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year
David Barnes (Scotland County)

Player of the Year
Morgan Ridge (Pinecrest)

All Conference

Whitney Atkins Hoke County
Eleni Bates Jack Britt
Lauren Belyeu Jack Britt
Morgan Burch Scotland County
Jaslynn Campbell Westover
Whitney Campbell Scotland County
Brittany Jacobs Hoke County
Jessica Milligan Scotland County
Lyndsey Nelson Richmons Senior
DeCourtney Oliver Seventy First
Sanura Eley O'Reilly Jack Britt
Morgan Ridge Pinecrest
Tatiana Suvorova Pinecrest
Sandra Sweat Douglas Byrd
Ashley Swetting Pinecrest
Josephine Yang Scotland County


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