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2008 Mid Southeastern Conference Softball

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year
Patrick Williams (Scotland County)

Co-Players of the Year
Maggie McKenzie (Richmond Senior)
                     Jessica Milligan (Scotland County)     

  2008 Cumberland County Individual Stats

1st Team



Colby Liles Scotland County
Brittney Gibson Scotland County
Sydney Clemmons Scotland County
Lauren Britt Scotland County
Katie Goodman Richmond Senior
Lauren Clark Richmond Senior
Stephanie Kinsey Richmond Senior
Amanda Terry Richmond Senior
Caitlin Sandy Jack Britt
Megan Hair Jack Britt
Briana Montgomery Jack Britt
Alexis Berry Jack Britt
Krista Brigman Douglas Byrd
Brittany Dickerman Douglas Byrd
Chelsea Burke Douglas Byrd
Whitney Akins Hoke County
Brittany White Hoke County
Keeya Turner Seventy First
Leslie Kroll Seventy First
Michelle Porter Pinecrest
Maggie Wtson Pinecrest

Honorable Mention

Bria Jones Jack Britt
Jess Crist Jack Britt
Rita Diaz Jack Britt
Teris Wolfe Douglas Byrd
Gabrielle Alexander Douglas Byrd
Tiffany Henry Douglas Byrd
Brittany Tedder Richmond Senior
Kim Keys Richmond Senior
Kay Brigman Hoke County
Quanisha Griffin Hoke County
Sam Johnson Seventy First
Tashara Follum Seventy First
Kelli Aponte Seventy First
Lindsey Wright Scotland County
Amanda Owen Pinecrest
Kelsey McDonald Pinecrest
Catherine Cole Pinecrest

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