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2002 Mid Southeastern Conference Softball

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year
Paula York - Richmond County

Player of the Year
Belinda Barrera - Jack Britt                            Softball Individual Stats


Michelle Smith Richmond County
Emily Escoas Richmond County
Courtney Idol Richmond County
Treva Fletcher Richmond County
Felica White Richmond County
Nakia Perry Jack Britt
Brandi Singletary Jack Britt
Rebecca Bigelow Jack Britt
Kristan Fields Jack Britt
Elizabeth Gingerich Pinecrest
Jennifer Brophy Pinecrest
Shanita Black Seventy First
Camille Brown Seventy First
Michaela Lewis Seventy First
Manuela Sims Douglas Byrd
Jessica Rawhoof Douglas Byrd
Charla Simmons Hoke County
Kim Patterson Hoke County
Audrey Casciere Scotland County
Danielle Rader Westover

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