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County trio named Heart of a Champion winners by NCHSAA (Up & Coming Weekly - 4/9/19)

Cape Fear, Gray's Creek athletes earn NCHSAA Heart of a Champion award (Fayetteville Observer - 4/1/19)

Observer team shares top APSE Projects award (Fayetteville Observer - 3/28/19)

Dear Mom and Dad: Cool It (Up & Coming Weekly - 1/29/19)

Bear Sports Network covers Gray's Creek High School (Fayetteville Observer - 1/16/19)

PA announcers need to be neutral (Up & Coming Weekly - 1/15/19)

Top 10 region sports stories in 2018 (Fayetteville Observer - 12/30/18)

Top 10 High School Highlights stories for 2018 (Up & Coming Weekly - 12/26/18)

NCHSAA board approves minor changes at fall meeting (Fayetteville Observer - 11/29/18)

First Trojan challenge rated major success (Up & Coming Weekly - 10/23/18)

OP ED: Growing Up in the Digital Age ( - 10/10/18)

NCHSAA asks member schools to help raise money for storm aid (Up & Coming Weekly - 10/2/18)

Pine Forest, Gray's Creek athletes join hurricane relief efforts (Up & Coming Weekly - 10/2/18)

Not in the Hall of Fame? Try nominating (Up & Coming Weekly - 8/21/18)

SAOA honors Pope, Haire for service as officials (Up & Coming Weekly - 8/21/18)

Weller Foundation provides scholarship money for athletes (Up & Coming Weekly - 7/24/18)

Student-athletes honored, visit NC Sports Hall of Fame (Up & Coming Weekly - 7/24/18)

Protecting young athletes from injury  (Up & Coming Weekly - 7/17/18)

County needs alternative to grade penalty for athletes (Up & Coming Weekly - 6/26/18)

The inherent risk of sports specialization ( - 5/22/18)

High school notebook (Up & Coming Weekly - 5/22/18)

Help for weak conference schedules (Up & Coming Weekly - 5/16/18)

Matt Leclercq: 910Preps banquet will be night to remember (Fayetteville Observer - 5/12/18)

Updates to high school athletics rules (Up & Coming Weekly - 5/8/18)

NCHSAA board tinkers with playoffs, nixes soccer ties (Fayetteville Observer - 5/2/18)

New superintendent ready to listen (Up & Coming Weekly - 5/1/18)

The real story about college athletic scholarships (Up & Coming Weekly - 4/17/18)

Cape Fear's Matthew, Johnson receive NCHSAA Heart of a Champion honor (Fayetteville Observer - 4/15/18)

Thomas Pope: Vaughan's NCHSAA Hall of Fame berth well-deserved (Fayetteville Observer - 4/15/18)

Pine Forest AD 'lives for today' after battling cancer (Fayetteville Observer - 4/6/18)

Panthers' Christian McCaffrey to headline 910Preps banquet (Fayetteville Observer - 3/25/18)

Fayetteville Sports Club inducts five (Fayetteville Observer - 3/7/18)

A plea for more high school officials (Up & Coming Weekly - 2/13/18)

Introducing the Best of 910Preps: Honoring our star athletes (Fayetteville Observer - 1/26/18)

Cape Fear's Colts for Kids spreads Christmas joy in community (Fayetteville Observer - 12/13/17)

NCHSAA board makes host of rule changes (Up & Coming Weekly - 12/5/17)

NCHSAA board votes in playoff "tweaks" (Fayetteville Observer - 11/30/17)

No apologies for being old school when it comes to team building (Up & Coming Weekly - 11/7/17)

Time for NCHSAA to rethink sports calendar (Up & Coming Weekly - 10/31/17)

Shortage of officials could cause problems in high school sports (WRAL TV - 9/21/17)

Former NCHSAA leader Adams dies (Fayetteville Observer - 9/17/17)

Region Four Golf Tournament benefits staff in need (Up & Coming Weekly - 9/5/17)

High School activities bring communities together (Up & Coming Weekly - 8/29/17)

Cumberland County's new 4-A/3-A combination league (Up & Coming Weekly - 8/29/17)

Earl Vaughan Jr. to be inducted into NCHSAA Hall of Fame (Up & Coming Weekly - 8/22/17)

Vaughan inducted into NCHSAA Hall of Fame (Fayetteville Observer - 8/17/17)

Local high school ref banned for gun on campus (Fayetteville Observer - 8/15/17)

DK Sports debuts weekly radio show (Up & Coming Weekly - 7/25/17)

Cumberland County Schools split into two conferences (Up & Coming Weekly - 7/18/17)

High School Highlights: East-West All-Star games held in Greensboro (Up & Coming Weekly - 7/11/17)

Earl Vaughan Jr. Prep Notebook (Up & Coming Weekly - 5/30/17)

Sammy Batten: Some second thoughts on early signing period (Fayetteville Observer - 5/23/17)

Earl Vaughan Jr. Prep Notebook (Up & Coming Weekly - 5/23/17)

Earl Vaughan Jr. Prep Notebook (Up & Coming Weekly - 5/16/17)

Earl Vaughan Jr. Prep Notebook: May 10-16 (Up & Coming Weekly - 5/9/17)

Earl Vaughan Jr. Prep Notebook (Up & Coming Weekly - 5/2/17)

New high school conference names finalized for realignment (Fayetteville Observer - 5/3/17)

Jaclyn Shambaugh: NCHSAA board shrinks 4-A, 1-A playoff fields (Fayetteville Observer - 5/3/17)

Region Four coaches and officials use golf tournament funds to help athletics community (Fayetteville Observer - 4/1/17)

New Cumberland County 4-A/3-A conference dubbed Patriot Athletic Conference (Fayetteville Observer - 2/22/17)

Bruce Armstrong: High School athletics had a friend in Vaughan (Sandspur Online - 9/22/16)

Thomas Pope: Preps editor Earl Vaughan Jr. brought character, sportsmanship to coverage (Fayetteville Observer - 9/18/16)

Stephen Schramm: County schools get help in making athletes safer (Fayetteville Observer - 8/12/16)

Three Cape Fear regions coaches picked for East-West All-Star games (Fayetteville Observer - 7/28/16)

Vernon Aldridge assumes duties as county student activities director (Fayetteville Observer - 7/1616)

Jaclyn Shambaugh: Fall, winter scandals washed away in spring cleaning (Fayetteville Observer - 6/8/16)

Making a pitch for a new conference name (Fayetteville Observer  5/8/16)

Cape Fear region brings home honors from NCHSAA annual meeting (Fayetteville Observer - 5/6/16)

NCHSAA makes sweeping changes in playoff, off-season workout rules, approves realignment (Fayetteville Observer - 5/5/16)

Jaclyn Shambaugh: Pitching rules affect baseball, softball standings (Fayetteville Observer - 5/5/16)

Fayetteville Observer's Earl Vaughan Jr. wins NCHSAA media award (Fayetteville Observer - 5/2/16)

HB2 could have unintended consequences for coaches (Fayetteville Observer - 4/28/16)

NCHSAA releases final draft of realignment (Fayetteville Observer - 4/21/16)

Jaclyn Shambaugh: Interscholastic lacrosse to make county debut (Fayetteville Observer - 4/12/16)

Colt's Dwayne Allen, Chick-Fil-A join list reaching out to support veteran coach Eddie Dees (Fayetteville Observer - 2/11/16)

Two Cumberland County Schools department heads are leaving (Fayetteville Observer - 3/5/16)

Your Sport: Tony Haire makes the call in a difficult job (Fayetteville Observer - 2/27/16)

Monday Moment: Responder tends to high school athletes' injuries (Fayetteville Observer - 2/22/16)

Cumberland County Schools clear another hurdle in road to realignment of conferences (Fayetteville Observer - 2/10/16)

NCHSAA gives intial approval to combined 4-A/3-A league for Cumberland County and moving Jack Britt, 71st to Southeastern 4-A (Fayetteville Observer - 1/22/16)

New realignment plan for Cumberland County would break up schools, create split conference (Fayetteville Observer - 1/15/16)

Wisconsin stakes out tough position on sportsmanship issues (Fayetteville Observer - 1/12/16)

Growing concussion awareness prompts changes for coaches, players (High School - 1/11/16)

Observer's Top 10 local sports stories of 2015 (Fayetteville Observer - 12/27/15) 

Keeping Cumberland County schools in two conferences comes with a price (Fayetteville Observer - 12/17/15)

Preps Spotlight: Initial NCHSAA realignment plan keeps Cumberland County schools in 4A, 3A conferences (Fayetteville Observer - 12/17/15)

NCHSAA announces Cape Fear Region Wells Fargo Cup leaders after fall sports season (Fayetteville Observer - 12/16/15)

Earl Vaughan Jr.: Parents need to be aware of all-star games that aren't (Fayetteville Observer - 12/10/15)

Time for county public, private, schools to make athletic peace (Fayetteville Observer - 12/7/15)

Observations, odds and ends from this week's NCHSAA Board of Directors meeting (Fayetteville Observer - 12/4/15)

Preps Spotlight: Que Tucker's hiring as NCHSAA commissioner highlights quiet Board of Directors meeting (Fayetteville Observer - 12/3/15)

Preps Spotlight: NCHSAA Board of Directors holds winter meeting Thursday (Fayetteville Observer - 11/30/15)

Preps Spotlight: Whatever happened to Thanksgiving break? (Fayetteville Observer - 11/29/15)

Prep Spotlight: Looking at the NCHSAA numbers, where will Cumberland County Schools play? (Fayetteville Observer - 11/15/15)

Preps Spotlight: Early look at NCHSAA realignment for Cumberland County (Fayetteville Observer - 10/11/15)

Preps Spotlight: NCHSAA still pondering final decision on Eastern Regional basketall site (Fayetteville Observer - 9/28/15)

Preps Spotlight: SAOA honors Hall, Stephens at football officials gathering (Fayetteville Observer - 8/5/15)

Preps Spotlight: NCHSAA announces Wells Fargo Conference Cup final standings (Fayetteville Observer - 6/19/15)

Earl Vaughan Jr: Odds, ends and comments on NCHSAA board meeting (Fayetteville Observer - 5/10/15)

Earl Vaughan Jr.: Looking back at a winter to remember in Cumberland County prep sports (Fayetteville Observer - 5/2/15)

Preps Spotlight: NCHSAA board preview - drones, social media and fate of regional basketball (Fayetteville Observer - 4/17/15)

Preps Spotlight: Terry Sanford in Top 10 in statewide NCHSAA 3-A Wells Fargo Cup standings (Fayetteville Observer - 4/7/15)

County school leaders blindsided by sports trainer policy change (Fayetteville Observer - 4/3/15)

Preps Spotlight: My take on Myers Park and "national championships" (Fayetteville Observer - 3/16/15)

NCHSAA commissioner Davis Whitfield to become COO of NFHS (Fayetteville Observer - 1/26/15)

Thursday grading scale vote could change all classes, not just freshmen (Fayetteville Observer - 1/8/15)

Preps Spotlight: NCHSAA waits for national ruling on use of drones at high school games (Fayetteville Observer -11/26/14)

Sports broadcasters gear up for the game, too (Fayetteville Observer - 10/6/14)

Preps Spotlight: NCHSAA's Davis Whitfield discusses regional basketball and other topics in Fayetteville visit (Fayetteville Observer - 9/23/14)

Despite dangers and bans, smokeless tobacco still a staple in baseball dugouts (Fayetteville Observer - 8/21/14)

Preps Spotlight: High school athletic participation again on rise says National Federation (Fayetteville Observer - 8/20/14)

Preps Spotlight: Lacrosse moves closer to becoming official sport at Cumberland County Schools (Fayetteville Observer - 6/12/14)

Preps Spotlight: Cooler temperatures coming to Cumberland County sidelines (Fayetteville Observer - 6/12/14)

Preps Spotlight: Mercy rule whine ... "You're killing me Smalls (Fayetteville Observer - 5/1/14)

Preps Spotlight: NCAA ruling is bad news for annual N.C. Coaches Association Clinic (Fayetteville Observer - 5/1/14)

Preps Spotlight: Mack bids fond farewell to NCHSAA Board of Directors (Fayetteville Observer - 5/1/14)

Preps Spotlight: NCHSAA takes closer look at football combines (Fayetteville Observer - 5/1/14)

Preps Spotlight: County and region schools hit with fines by NCHSAA (Fayetteville Observer - 5/1/14)

NCHSAA Board of Directors meeting highlights (Fayetteville Observer - 4/30/14)

NCHSAA Board of Directors meeting highlights (Fayetteville Observer - 4/30/14)

Preps Spotlight: MaxPreps is great, but only if you use it the right way (Fayetteville Observer - 4/22/14)

Lots of action, but no major rulings at NCHSAA Board of Directors meeting (Fayetteville Observer/Preps Spotlight - 12/6/13)

Title IX has paved the way for female athletes, coaches in Cape Fear region (Fayetteville Observer - 10/26/13)

Grace period before Cumberland County implements 2.0 rule for athletes ending earlier that expected (Fayetteville Observer/Preps Spotlight - 10/10/13)

NCHSAA eliminates conference seeding priority for playoffs (Fayetteville Observer/Preps Spotlight - 10/9/13)

NCHSAA's Whitfield says don't look for live football on TV anytime soon (Fayetteville Observer/Preps Spotlight - 9/24/13)

The Cumberland County 2.0 average rule is drawing closer to reality (Fayetteville Observer - 9/12/13)

Several from Cape Fear region named to NCHSAA list of top 100 female athletes (Fayetteville Observer/Preps Spotlight - 8/20/13)

NCHSAA releases list of top 100 coaches, many from region honored (Fayetteville Observer/Preps Spotlight - 6/19/13)

Vaughan: New boundaries for private schools are good start (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 5/2/13)

N.C. High School Athletic Association to restrict transfers for athletics (Fayetteville Observer - 5/2/13)

Region administrators honored (Fayetteville Observer/Preps Spotlight - 4/22/13)

Schools required to provide chance for disabled athletes to compete in sports (Fayetteville Observer - 1/28/13)

Vaughan: Sponsors should support regional basketball tournament at Crown (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 1/17/13)

Coaches, players react to higher grade-point average requirements (Fayetteville Observer - 1/14/13)

Armstrong: GPA changes could hurt at-risk students (Sandspur Online/Bruce Armstrong - 12/19/12)

Cumberland school board votes unanimously for 2.0 GPA eligibility requirement (Fayetteville Observer - 12/12/12)

Some thoughts on setting a 2.0 grade point average for Cumberland County athletes (Fayetteville Observer/Preps Spotlight - 12/8/12)

Schools consider higher GPA for extracurricular (Fayetteville Observer - 12/5/12)

Pine Forest lone county school ejection free for 2011-12 (Fayetteville Observer/Preps Spotlight - 10/4/12)

No burning issues as NCHSAA officials visit Fayetteville for regional meeting (Fayetteville Observer/Preps Spotlight - 9/24/12)

Technology creates dilemma for high school sports officials (Fayetteville Observer - 8/28/12)

Vaughan: All-star football game still has life (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 7/20/12)

Vaughan: A look back at prep sports highlights from the past season (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 5/31/12)

Vaughan: Douglas Byrd gets bum deal in realignment fake-out (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 5/3/12)

Return to 12-week football season, soccer mercy rule come out of NCHSAA (Fayetteville Observer - 5/2/12)

Douglas Byrd to remain 3-A school (Fayetteville Observer/Preps Spotlight - 5/1/12)

Vaughan: Fans missed some good baseball (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 4/4/12)

Vaughan: Shriners shouldn't charge athletes to participate in combine (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 3/28/12)

Vaughan: New high school football jamboree format has problems (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 3/22/12)

Vaughan: High School Notebook (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 2/23/12)

Vaughan: High school coaches applaud helmet rule (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 2/16/12)

Vaughan: Seventy-First football coach Bob Paroli honored by peers (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 2/9/12)

Vaughan: Prep coaches mark milestone wins (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 2/2/12)

Conference realignment sends Douglas Byrd and Terry Sanford in opposite directions (Fayetteville Observer - 1/28/12)

Prep notebook: Conference realignment discussions continue (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 1/26/12)

Joe Paterno leaves fond memories with Cape Fear region player, coaches (Fayetteville Observer - 1/23/12)

High School Notebook: Overhills guard Jasmine Canady nears milestone (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 1/19/12)

Vaughan: Boneyard Bash wrestling tournament set for weekend (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 1/12/12)

Staff realignment proposal differs from computer (Fayetteville Observer - 12/10/11)

North Carolina High School Athletic Association releases 'human' version of proposed realignment (Fayetteville Observer - 12/9/11)

N.C. High School Athletic Association to try seeding for basketball playoffs (Fayetteville Observer - 12/9/11)

NCHSAA Board of Directors complete winter meeting (NC iHigh - 12/9/11)

Preliminary realignment would create radical changes in prep conferences (Fayetteville Observer - 11/30/11)

High School Notebook: Signing, fundraiser and proper fan attire (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 11/17/11)

Vaughan, Long recruiting journey ends with signings for some Cumberland County athletes (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 11/10/11)

Prep notebook: Calling in your scores helps us, help you (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 9/29/11)

Cumberland County Schools ends random drug testing program for athletes (Fayetteville Observer - 7/14/11)

High School Notebook: Wrestling weight classes get first major change in decades (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 5/5/11)

House passes proposed law aimed at reducing head injuries in sports (Fayetteville Observer - 5/4/11)

Fayetteville native Hollingsworth inducted into hall (Fayetteville Observer - 4/26/11)

Rising gas prices cause problems for school athletic budgets (Fayetteville Observer - 4/24/11)

Pine Forest coach's quick thinking credited with keeping people safe (Fayetteville Observer - 4/21/11)

High School Notebook: Terry Sanford's Stanbridge honored again (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 4/21/11)

Vaughan: Robeson County transfer policy makes problem worse (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 4/14/11)

Vaughan: South View freshman hits for cycle (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 3/31/11)

Bills would open athletics to home, private schools (Fayetteville Observer - 3/26/11)

High school notebook: Chop block language cleared up (Fayetteville Observer/Ear Vaughan - 3/24/11)

High school notebook: East teams fare poorly in state title games (Fayetteville Observer - 3/17/11)

Prep notebook: Byrd students show sportsmanship (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 2/24/11)

High school notebook: Terry Sanford, Jack Britt in two-way race for Maxwell Trophy (Fayetteville Observer - 2/17/11)

High school notebook: South View, Jack Britt football coaches to share sideline at Shrine bowl (Fayetteville Observer - 2/10/11)

High School Notebook (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 2/3/11)

High School Notebook (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 1/27/11)

Armstrong: Important lessons can be learned from Newtons (Sandspur Online/Bruce Armstrong - 12/8/10)

Ejections a hot topic at NCHSAA Board meeting (Fayetteville Observer - 12/2/10)

Vaughan: Bench-clearing brawls concern NCHSAA Board of Directors (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 11/25/10)

Vaughan: Don't wear Halloween costumes to games (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 10/28/10)

State titles on the line for Cape Fear region schools (Fayetteville Observer - 10/28/100

Prep Notebook: Prep national oversight ahead of NFL on helmet hits (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 10/21/10)

Prep notes: (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 10/14/10)

Prep notes: (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 10/7/10)

Prep notes: News and notes from the Region 4 meeting (Fayetteville Observer - 9/30/10)

New NCHSAA commissioner ready to make his mark (Fayetteville Observer - 9/30/10)

Little, Cherry take over hoops programs (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 9/9/10)

Prep football's sideline belt rule given teeth (Fayetteville Observer - 7/7/10)

High School Notebook: E.E. Smith girls win at State Games (Fayetteville Observer - 7/1/10)

Prep notes: Jones' homer record certified by state (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 6/27/10)

Prep notes (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 6/14/10)

Prep notebook: Football seeding plan could get tweaked (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 6/8/10)

Fayetteville to host NCHSAA's Eastern basketball regional (Fayetteville Observer - 5/21/10)

Prep notes: Jack Britt wins Wachovia/Maxwell Cup (Fayetteville Observer - 5/20/10)

Prep notes: Mack earns spot on NCHSAA board (Fayetteville Observer - 5/13/10)

Prep notes: Arrington, McDaniel to receive honors (Fayetteville Observer - 5/6/10)

Prep Notebook: No TV coverage for Jack Britt-Terry Sanford (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 11/5/09)

Prep notes: Walker one of five inductees into Hall (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 4/29/10)

Prep notes: Bulldogs top league baseball standings (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 4/22/10)

Prep notebook: McCray ranks among state's best (Fayetteville Observer - 4/15/10)

Prep notebook: Carver Classic meet this weekend (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 4/1/10)

Prep notebook (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 3/25/10)

Is Cumberland County's athletic code too strict, or just right? (Fayetteville Observer - 3/21/10)

Five reasons Fayetteville should host the regional basketball tournament (Fayetteville Observer - 3/18/10)

Prep notebook: West dominates in basketball (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 3/18/10)

Prep notes: Terry Sanford reschedules ceremony (Fayetteville Observer - 2/18/10)

Arrive early for Friday's Terry Sanford-Jack Britt game (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 2/11/10)

Bulldogs to recognize 1965, 1966 title teams (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 2/4/10)

Phones of high-profile football recruits are ringing off hooks (Fayetteville Observer - 1/31/10)

High School Notebook: E.E. Smith to retire Curry's jersey (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 1/28/10)

First-semester grades can alter team chemistry (Fayetteville Observer - 1/28/10)

The painful season (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan blog - 1/25/10)

Prep notes: Bulldogs name Till interim baseball coach (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 1/21/10)

Three more Cumberland County athletes face possible suspension (Fayetteville Observer - 1/9/10)

Three Cape Fear High athletes investigated for underage drinking (Fayetteville Observer - 1/8/10)

Clayton, Arnette, Walker, Poss chosen for sports Hall of Fame (Fayetteville Observer - 1/5/09)

Random thoughts from a cluttered sportwriter's mind (Fayetteville Observer/Paul Shugar/blog - 12/7/09)

NCHSAA winter meeting highlights (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 12/3/09)

Mack tabbed as new head of county athletics (Fayetteville Observer - 12/2/09)

High School Notebook: Schedule set for Holiday Classic basketball tournament (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 11/26/09)

High School Notebook: Hope resigns as Hoke County football coach (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 11/19/09)

Terry Sanford football: Eligibility system relies on faith (Fayetteville Observer - 11/15/09)

McDaniel to retire as Cumberland student activities director (Fayetteville Observer - 11/7/09)

High School Notes; Ledford, Dees honored (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 10/29/09)

Odds and ends from the NCHSAA meeting (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 10/1/09)

NCHSAA splitting from the UNC system (Fayetteville Observer - 10/1/09)

High School Notebook: Another change for the Short Stop Jamboree (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 8/6/09)

High School Notebook: High school football 7-on-7 drills get physical (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 7/28/09)

Conference shakeup will affect all Cumberland sports (Fayetteville Observer - 7/26/09)

High School Notebook: South View to host summer scrimmage (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 6/16/09)

Magic moments of the high school sports year (Fayetteville Observer - 6/10/09)

High School Notebook: Methodist to host football combine (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 6/6/09)

Sportsmanship recognition for NCHSAA student-athletes as “Heart Of A Champion” winners honored (NC iHigh - 5/28/09)

High School Notebook: Replay approved for title games (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 5/22/09)

South View, Jack Britt win conference awards (Fayetteville Observer - 5/14/09)

County already in step with state moves (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 5/14/09)

Jack Britt High School wins state award (Fayetteville Observer - 5/8/09)

High School Notebook: SwampDogs try again for showcase (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 5/7/09)

High School Notebook (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 4/30/09)

High School Notebook: Rainy weather causing headaches (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 4/24/09)

High School Notebook: Could cheerleaders start wearing helmets? (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 4/23/09)

NCHSAA director Adams to retire (Fayetteville Observer - 4/8/09)

High School Notebook: Methodist holds workshop on getting scholarships (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 3/26/09)

High School Notebook: Several student-athletes accept college offers (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 3/20/09)

High School Notebook: Why can’t regional title game be played here? (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 3/5/09)

High School Notebook: Tigers’ Huffman magazine first-teamer (Faytteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 2/5/09)

County coaches, administrators know it'll be hard to replace Harrison (Fayetteville Observer - 2/5/09)

Harrison to resign NCHSAA top post (Fayetteville Observer - 1/30/09)

High School Notebook: South View to raise money for cancer research (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 1/29/09)

High School Notebook: Nixon named to Parade’s All-American team (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 1/22/09)

High School Notebook: Seventy-First to honor ex-standout Pringle (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 12/23/08)

High School Notebook: Trainers not required at all schools — yet (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 12/4/08)

High School Notebook: Three from region sign college letters (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 11/27/08)

High School Notebook: Site change for cheer competition a plus (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 11/6/08)

High School Notebook: Ex-Byrd standout injured by bomber (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 10/30/08)

High School Notebook: Tough week for Britt assistant coach Barbour (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 10/9/08)

High School Notebook: Several area schools were ejection-free last year (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaugha - 9/18/08)

All county schools to get portable defibrillators (Fayetteville Observer - 9/11/08)

High School Notebook: Fayetteville represented well in soccer rankings (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 9/11/08)

County's drug-testing program 'a good thing' (Fayetteville Observer - 9/10/08)

High School Notebook: Douglas Byrd hosting fundraiser Saturday (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 8/11/08)

High School Notebook: Noble wins another title (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 7/25/08)

For some schools, a bigger sports funding boost (Fayetteville Observer - 6/25/08)

Kids learn football skills, life lessons at Jimmy Raye clinic (Fayetteville Observer - 6/25/08)

Luncheon brings out the stars (Fayetteville Observer - 6/25/08)

High School Notebook (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 5/30/08)

High School Notebook: Bulldogs make it back-to-back titles (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 5/22/08)

High School Notebook (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 5/15/08)

Terry Sanford duo focused on ice hockey (Fayetteville Observer - 5/12/08)

High School Notebook: Huge increase in ejections an area of concern (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 5/8/08)

High School Notebook: Former Terry Sanford baseball players to meet current team (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 4/24/08)

‘Little Mark’ leaves an indelible mark (Fayetteville Observer/Brett Friedlander - 4/22/08)

Gas prices affecting sports budgets (Fayetteville Observer - 4/10/08)

High School Notebook: Bulldogs to host All-Star game (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 4/10/08)

Pine Forest students falsified addresses (Fayetteville Observer - 4/4/08)

Falsifying addresses could prove costly (Fayetteville Observer - 4/4/08)

Officials say drug-testing program acting as deterrent (Fayetteville Observer - 4/3/08)

High School Notebook (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 4/3/08)

Second Cape Fear athlete is facing a drug charge (Fayetteville Observer - 3/13/08)

Cape Fear athlete suspended after marijuana charge (Fayetteville Observer - 3/12/08)

Superintendents meet to discuss eligibility issues (Fayetteville Observer - 2/29/08)

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Cutting sports programs could hinder middle school spirit (Fayetteville Observer - 7/1/01)

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Prep association honors region people (Fayetteville Observer - 5/4/01)

Cumberland superintendent nominated as NCHSAA vice president (Fayetteville Observer - 5/3/01)

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Buie’s spring job no picnic (See Earl Vaughan's column in Fayetteville Observer - 3/29/01)

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Appealing to the need for revision (See Earl Vaughan's column in Fayetteville Observer - 3/2/01)

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Cut! County deems commercials a no-no (See Fayetteville Observer Article - 6/8/00)

Scholar Athlete: Long days pay off for Westover senior (See Fayetteville Observer Article - 6/1/00)


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