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Shambaugh: Mac Williams wrestlers win Strength Game (Fayetteville Observer - 2/16/15)

910Rec: Mac Williams Middle School wrestling finishes undefeated season (Fayetteville Observer - 2/12/15)

Shambaugh: Mac Williams claims middle school football title (Fayetteville Observer - 11/10/14)

910Rec: Pine Forest Middle School wins Strength Game to finish season undefeated (Fayetteville Observer - 10/30/14)

Preps Spotlight: The woes of the media (that you could care nothing about) (Fayetteville Observer - 6/7/14)

Shambaugh: Pine Forest wins retooled middle school soccer season (Fayetteville Observer - 11/11/13)

Three middle school teams finish perfect seasons (Fayetteville Observer - 2/29/11)

Your Sport: Three teams go undefeated at Max Abbott Middle School (Fayetteville Observer - 11/9/11)

Your Sport: Westover Middle keeps up winning streak (Fayetteville Observer - 2/19/11)

Armstrong: Hope Mills Middle wins county championship (Sandspur Online/Bruce Armstrong - 2/16/11)

Taking in middle school basketball finals (Fayetteville Observer - 2/13/11)

Recreation: A look at midseason middle-school basketball (Fayetteville Observer - 1/19/11)

Vaughan: Britt, Terry Sanford battle for points championship (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 12/16/10)

Sat. Extra: Gray's Creek Middle School soccer team has perfect season (Fayetteville Observer - 11/13/10)

Girl gets kick from football (Fayetteville Observer - 10/13/10)

Talking Sports: South View Middle finishes championship season undefeated (The Sandspur Online/Bruce Armstrong - 5/14/08)

High School Notebook: Pairings for holiday tournament to be announced (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 12/13/07)

Pine Forest Middle School has perfect season (Fayetteville Observer - 6/11/07)

High School Notebook: Tourney helps coaches, others in need (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 4/12/07)

High School Notebook: Proposal to start school later a bad idea for athletics (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 3/29/07)

A Perfect Ending (Fayetteville Observer - 11/27/06)

Perfect Patriots (Fayetteville Observer - 5/29/06)

Max Abbott soccer scores more titles (Fayetteville Observer - 5/29/06)

Hope Mills Middle School softball team rocks (Fayetteville Observer - 5/15/06)

Anne Chesnutt girls' track team wins county title (Fayetteville Observer - 10/24/05)

Ex-nursing student leads Westover to title (Fayetteville Observer - 2/21/05)

Loophole closing overdue (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 1/19/05)

Letters share views on eligibility (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 4/14/04)

Transfers a wearisome school issue (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 4/2/04)

Prep realignment 'etched in Jell-O' (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 1/23/04)

Conduct policy tests athletes' behavior (Fayetteville Observer - 12/24/03)

County's conduct rule draws mixed reaction from athletes (Fayetteville Observer - 12/24/03)

Students are training to be trainers (Fayetteville Observer - 12/11/03)

Adams gives up AD job at Britt (Fayetteville Observer - 10/7/03)

Raiders exceed expectations (Fayetteville Observer - 6/23/03)

Mac Williams claims unofficial baseball title (Fayetteville Observer - 6/2/03)

Middle Schools: Pirates boot the competition (Fayetteville Observer - 12/23/02)

Middle School Football: Perfect ending for Byrd (Fayetteville Observer - 12/9/02)

Cumberland schools controversy resolved (Fayetteville Observer - 7/21/01)

Cumberland coaches remain concerned about future of programs (Fayetteville Observer - 7/21/01)

Cumberland County’s ‘Real World’ not funny (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 7/19/20)

Cumberland’s middle school athletes ponder next move (Fayetteville Observer - 7/1/01)

Cutting sports programs could hinder middle school spirit (Fayetteville Observer - 7/1/01)

Idol back from injury, but has nowhere to play (Fayetteville Observer - 7/1/01)

Athletics important to youths (Fayetteville Observer - 7/1/01)

No sports takes away last hope (Fayetteville Observer - 7/1/01)

Middle school sports cut (Fayetteville Observer - 6/27/01)

Coaches up in arms over decision (Fayetteville Observer - 6/27/01)

Saving these dollars doesn’t make sense (Fayetteville Observer/Brett Friedlander - 6/27/01)

Middle school sports vital for ‘our’ kids (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 6/1/01)

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