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2019 Patriot Athletic Conference Girls' Tennis

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year
Chris Lucas (Cape Fear)

Player of the Year
Kelcie Farmer (Pine Forest)

1st Team Singles  
Katy Beasley Terry Sanford
Brooke Bieniek Cape Fear
Paige Cameron Cape Fear
Kelcie Farmer Pine Forest
Lauren McDonough Terry Sanford
Mary Anna Stiles Terry Sanford
2ndTeam Singles  
Courtney Cygan Gray's Creek
Torah Delaney Pine Forest
Bella Fish Pine Forest
Kaylee Ledford Gray's Creekk
Kensey Thurmond Cape Fear
Morgan Valentin-Gordon Gray's Creek
1st Team Doubles  
Paige Cameron - Kensey Thurmond Cape Fear
Kelcie Farmer - Bella Fish Pine Forest
Lauren McDonough - Caroline Beasley Terry Sanford
2nd Team Doubles  
Katy Beasley - Mary Anna Stiles Terry Sanford
Daija Rucker - Brooke Bieniek Cape Fear
Morgan Valentin-Gordon - Kaylee Ledford Gray's Creek

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