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2022 United 8 Athletic Conference
Girls' Soccer All-Conference Team
Coach of the Year
Bryan Pagan (Cape Fear)
Player of the Year
A'Jaylah Yates (Seventy First)
Goalie of the Year
Diamond Harris (Lumberton)
1st Team
Jayda Angel (Cape Fear)
Emma Hill (Gray's Creek)
Lillian Follette (Gray's Creek)
Josie McLean (Purnell Swett)
Dylan Sneed (Cape Fear)
Anna Lowry (Purnell Swett)
Haylee Vue (Gray's Creek)
Kayla Schlautman (Gray's Creek)
Celina Pelletant (Jack Britt)
Madison Ludlum (Gray's Creek)
Mia Brayboy (Lumberton)
Kaylen Sprague (Jack Britt)
2nd Team
Amira Gunther (Gray's Creek)
Devyn Hart (Gray's Creek)
Hannah Lewis (Seventy First)
Krislin Smith (South View)
Alysha Blake (Seventy First)
Brooke Bombatepe (South View)
Mariah Massey (Seventy First)
Kayia Starling (Cape Fear)
Brooke Dawkins (Cape Fear)
Tiona Meacham (Jack Britt)
Laci Rozier (Lumberton)
Morgyn Clay (Lumberton)
Honorable Mention
Christian Paz (Cape Fear)
Mary Catherine Shook (Cape Fear)
Meridith Wunthur (Cape Fear)
Maytriona Andon (Douglas Byrd)
Lyz Pacheco (Douglas Byrd)
Zoe Weimer (Jack Britt)
Christina Herbert (Jack Britt)
Raven Cummings (Purnell Swett)
Alexis Locklear (Purnell Swett)
Kinslee Morgan (Purnell Swett)
Ava Giles (Purnell Swett)
Jahna Locklear (Purnell Swett)
Leonnie Chisolm (Seventy First)
Demaria Melvin (Seventy First)
Destiny Monroe (South View)