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2003 Mid Southeastern Conference Girls' Soccer

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year
Colin McDavid - Scotland County                                       

Player of the Year
Erin Cooper - Pinecrest        
                        2003 Soccer Individual Stats


Laresha Cain Jack Britt
Portia Taylor Jack Britt
Melissa Lewis Jack Britt
May Webner Jack Britt
Melanie Rock Seventy First
Nikia Hubbard Seventy First
Sylest Donner Douglas Byrd
Tia Williams Westover
Kate Edwards Scotland County
Carrie Harrell Scotland County
Ashley Dyches Scotland County
Hollie Brooks Scotland County
Lindsay Maidment Scotland County
Emily Escolas Richmond County
Brittany Robich Richmond County
Jessica Hawks Richmond County
Lauren Broderick Pinecrest
Heather Barnes Pinecrest
Krystal Haas Pinecrest
Katie Fields Pinecrest
Allison Auman Pinecrest
Katelyn Burwell Pinecrest
Regina Selover Hoke County

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