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2002-2003 Mid Southeastern Conference Girls' Basketball 
All Conference Team

Coach of the Year - Tracie Taylor - Seventy First

Player of the Year - LaToya Pringle - Seventy First

Courtney Williams Seventy First
Christina Camps Seventy First
Charmaine Bright Seventy First
LaToya Pringle Seventy First
Kadina Baldwin Westover
Danielle Rader Westover
Sharonda Germany Westover
Danielle McKellar Westover
Marlena Murphy Jack Britt
Ann Forsberg Jack Britt
Laresha Cain Jack Britt
Brittney Robich Richmond County
Jessica Broady Richmond County
Ashleigh Morman Richmond County
Kate Edwards Scotland County
Lindsay Morrison Scotland County
Lynette Jackson Douglas Byrd
Brittany McFayden Douglas Byrd
Porcha Locklear Hoke County

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