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United 8 Athletic Conference
Boys' Tennis All Conference Team
Coach of the Year
Lee Osbourne (Cape Fear)
Player of the Year
Shea Oliver (Jack Britt)
1st Team Singles 2nd Team Singles
Spencer Hale (Cape Fear) Tristan Whitsell (Cape Fear)
Ben George (South View) Tucker Shank (Jack Britt)
Josiah Brooks (Purnell Swett) Nick Jones (South View)
Mason Collins (Lumberton) David Irving (Lumberton)
Sam Irving (Lumberton) Chyton Gilmore (Cape Fear
Spencer Edwards (Gray's Creek) Elijah Rankin (South View)
  Honorable Mention
Tyler Edwards (Cape Fear)
Josh Hicks (South View)
Aiden Buckner (Jack Britt)
Kaiden Harvey (Seventy First)
Kaelem Epps (Purnell Swett)
1st Team Doubles 2nd Team Doubles
Shea Oliver - Tucker Shank (Jack Britt) Sam Irving - Mason Collins (Lumberton)
Spencer Hale - Tristan Whitsell (Cape Fear) Josiah Brooks - Cale Harris (Purnell Swett)
Ben George - Nick Jones (South View) Josh Hicks - Elijah Rankin (South View)