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2015 Mid South Conference Boys' Tennis

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year
Mike Maddox (South View)

Player of the Year
Caleb Easom (Cape Fear)

Nick Baker Jack Britt
Trenton Spigener Jack Britt
Nick Rios Jack Britt
Tim Lee Jack Britt
Kevin Griffin Overhills
Alek Baez Overhills
Caleb Edkins South View
Hyun Lee South View
John Fletcher South View
Andy Garcia Pine Forest
Doryan Taylor Seventy First
Connor Gaither Cape Fear
Honorable Mention  
Kunal Patel Cape Fear
Caleb Easom-Kunal Patel Cape Fear
Kevin Griffin- Alek Baez Overhills
Caleb Edkins-Hyun Lee South View
Andy Garcia-Hunter Lee Pine Forest
Connor Gaither-Cullen Jones Cape Fear

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