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2005 Mid Southeastern Conference Boys' Soccer

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year                                                  
Larry Martin - Pinecrest

Player of the Year
Mike White - Pinecrest

1st Team School   2nd Team School
Michael White Pinecrest   Russell Stewart Pinecrest
Travis Grasso Pinecrest   Marco Gironda Pinecrest
G.R. Horton Pinecrest   Matt Sessoms Pinecrest
Tommy Ransdell Pinecrest   Justin Walters Scotland County
Ricardo Yodeco Richmond County   Joe Bellinger Scotland County
Michael Wallace Richmond County   J.R. Simmons Hoke County
T.J. Smith Richmond County   Eric Jackson Jack Britt
Alex Habermel Jack Britt   Tray Neilson Jack Britt
Scott Schneiders Jack Britt   Max Zaldivar Seventy First
Eric Rodriguez Hoke County   C.J. Benoist Richmond County
Mark Culp Hoke County   Cory Tedder Richmond County
Glen Holmes Pinecrest      
Honorable Mention School
Chris Larsen Richmond County
Aaron Cluninger Richmond County
James Vangel Jack Britt
Curtis Currie Seventy First


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