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Patriot Athletic Conference - 2021
Team Championships
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Regular Season Championships

#1 seed Donna Kerechanin (South View) deafeated #4 seed Zoe Cannady (Terry Sanford) 213-179; #3 seed Emily Gibson (Pine Forest) defeated #2 seed Regan Duncan (Cape Fear) 161-145; Donna Kerechanin defeated Emily Gibson 202-139

Conference MVP, Girls, Donna Kerechanin (South View)

1st Team All Conference Tournament, Girls:
Donna Kerechanin (Southview), Regan Duncan (Cape Fear), Emily Gibson (Pine Forest), Zoe Cannady (Terry Sanford), Cynthia Douglass (Pine Forest)

2nd Team All Conference Tournament, Girls: 
Maya Ervin (Terry Sanford), Teslyn Wilson (Southview), Avery Schenk (Terry Sanford), Randi Pope (Grays Creek), Melinda McLamb (Pine Forest)

Final Team Standings, Girls
Terry Sanford (110), Grays Creek (74), Pine Forest (74)

#4 seed Noah Dalton (EE Smith) defeated #1 Josh Packer (Southview) 215-151, #3 seed Cain Melvin (Terry Sanford) defeated #2 seed Isaih Fisher (Cape Fear) 225-169; Noah Dalton defeated Cain Melvin 269-201

Conference MVP, Boys, Noah Dalton (E.E. Smith)

1st Team All Conference Tournament, Boys: 
Josh Packer (Southview), Isaih Fisher (Cape Fear), Cain Melvin (Terry Sanford), Noah Dalton (EE Smith), Rolf Wallin (Terry Sanford)

2nd Team All Conference Tournament, Boys: 
Jordan Hicks (Southview), C.J. Collins (Pine Forest), Jayson Talbert (Terry Sanford), Jared Watterson (EE Smith), Josh Hicks (South View)

Final Team Standings, Boys: 
South View (152), Terry Sanford (144), Grays Creek (97.5), Cape Fear (96), Pine Forest (77.5), EE Smith (57)


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