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Boys' Individual Championships
#1 seed Tommy Cooney (Terry Sanford) defeated #4 seed Kendell St.Peter (Pine Forest) 189-169
#2 seed Patrick Phillips (Lakewood) defeated #3 seed Jack Cooney (Terry Sanford) 247-225
Patrick Phillips defeated Tommy Cooney 256-162

Conference MVP, Boys
Patrick Phillips (Lakewood)

 Girls' Individual Championships
#1 seed Angel Pope (Grays Creek) deafeated #4 seed Leanne Robbins (Southview) 214-158;
#3 seed Cheyenne Stahnke (Southview) defeated #2 seed Laura Starling (Cape Fear) 223-123;
Cheyenne Stahnke defeated Angel Pope 214-192

Conference MVP, Girls
Cheyenne Stanke (Southview)

1st Team All Conference Tournament, Boys
Tommy Cooney (Terry Sanford)
Patrick Phillips (Lakewood)
Jack Cooney (Terry Sanford)
Kendell St.Peter (Pine Forest)
Will Rosser (Terry Sanford)

1st Team All Conference Tournament, Girls
Angel Pope (Grays Creek)
Laura Starling (Cape Fear)
Cheyenne Stahnke (Southview)
Nicole Grossmick (Douglas Byrd)

2nd Team All Conference Tournament, Boys
Andrew Walker (Terry Sanford)
Noah Hash (Pine Forest)
Timothy Sutton (Lakewood)
C.J. Woodall (Grays Creek)
Samuel Hatch (Terry Sanford)

2nd Team All Conference Tournament, Girls
Nicolette Kenton (Grays Creek)
Jordan Locklear (Overhills)
Zoe Cannady (Terry Sanford)
Autumn Edge (Terry Sanford)
Jade Wilds (Grays Creek)

Final Team Standings, Boys
Terry Sanford (376)
Lakewood (325.5)
South View (311)
Pine Forest (277.5)
Douglas Byrd (238)
Grays Creek (238)
Overhills (214)
Cape Fear (158.5)
Westover (78)
E.E. Smith (63.5)

Final Team Standings, Girls
Grays Creek (312.5)
Terry Sanford (294)
South View (287)
Cape Fear (225.5)
Overhills (214.5)
Pine Forest (195)
Douglas Byrd (178)
Westover (70.5)
E.E. Smith (65), Boys

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