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Final Awards - 2014
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#1 seed Robert Strickland (Grays Creek) defeated #4 seed Ben Rogers (Terry Sanford) 266-157
#2 seed Bobby Lees (EE Smith) defeated #3 seed Shane Johnson (EE Smith) 204-162; 
#1 seed Robert Strickland defeated #2 seed Bobby Lees, 249-246; 

#4 seed Savannah Starling (Cape Fear) defeated #1 seed Rachel Reynolds (Grays Creek) 162-225
#2 seed Katherine Clouse (EE Smith) defeated # 3 seed Jamie Gibson (South View) 245-138
#2 seed Katherine Clouse defeated #4 seed Savannah Starling 234-200; 

Conference MVP Boys
Robert Strickland (Grays Creek), 
Conference MVP Girls
Katherine Clouse (EE Smith); 

1st Team All-Conference Tournament Boys
Robert Strickland (Grays Creek)
Bobby Lees (EE Smith)
Shane Johnson (EE Smith)
Ben Rogers (Terry Sanford)
Zach St.Peter (South View); 

1st Team All-Conference Tournament Girls
Rachel Reynolds (Grays Creek)
Katherine Clouse (EE Smith)
Jamie Gibson (South View)
Savannah Starling (Cape Fear)
Kathleen Harmanson (South View); 

2nd Team All-Conference Tournament Boys
Douglas Carver (South View)
Cameron Collins (Grays Creek)
Grady Collier (Terry Sanford)
Alex McKinney (Jack Britt)
Marquis Wylie (71st); 

2nd Team All-Conference Tournament Girls
Devondra Bazemore (71st)
Bridget Luckey (Jack Britt)
Kaylan Gibson (Terry Sanford)
Callie Davis (Jack Britt)
Taylor Hendry (71st)

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