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Conference Bowling Championships

#4 seed Cody Smith (Pine Fores) defeated #1 seed Cameron Brown (Jack Britt) 233-199
#3 seed Patrick Phillips (Lakewood) defeated #2 seed Jack Cooney (Terry Sanford) 256-203
Patrick Phillips defeated Cody Smith 268-179

Conference MVP
Patrick Phillips (Lakewood)

1st Team All Conference Tournament
Cameron Brown (Jack Britt), Jack Cooney (Terry Sanford), Patrick Phillips (Lakewood), 
Cody Smith (Pine Forest), Tommy Cooney (Terry Sanford)

2nd Team All Conference Tournament
Pat Eaton (Jack Britt) Jeremiah Brewington (Douglas Byrd) Cristian Hui (Terry Sanford)
Drew Walker (Terry Sanford) Kyle McArthur (Jack Britt)

Final Team Standings
Terry Sanford (609.5)
Jack Britt (581)
South View (539.5)
Pine Forest (476.5)
Lakewood (468.5)
Grays Creek (367.5)
E.E. Smith (296)
Douglas Byrd (296)
Cape Fear (279)
Westover (176.5)
71st (110)

#4 seed Angel Pope (Grays Creek) defeated #1 seed Denise Brown (Jack Britt) 187-179
#3 seed Laura Starling (Cape Fear) defeated #2 seed Raven Lawson (Westover) 179-133
 Laura Starling defeated Angel Pope 185-166

Conference MVP
Laura Starling (Cape Fear)

1st Team All Conference Tournament
Denise Brown (Jack Britt), Raven Lawson (Westover), Laura Starling (Cape Fear), 
Angel Pope (Grays Creek), Jasmin Dalton (71st), Alayjah Cunningham (Jack Britt)

2nd Team All Conference Tournament
Melanie Letourneau (Jack Britt) Jordan Collins (South View) Jordan Dean (South View), 
Cheyenne Stahnke (South View)

Final Team Standings
Jack Britt (601)
Grays Creek (551.5)
South View (520.5)
Pine Forest (424.5)
Seventy First (419.5)
Cape Fear (385.5)
Westover (323)
Terry Sanford (313)
E.E. Smith (205.5)
Douglas Byrd (200)


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