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Conference Bowling Championships

#1 seed Cameron Collins (Grays Creek) defeated #4 seed Andrew Harmon (Pine Forest) 238-153
#2 seed M.J. Frazier (Jack Britt) defeated #3 seed Robert Strickland (Grays Creek) 189-184
Cameron Collins (Gray's Creek) defeated M.J. Frazier (Jack Britt) 230-146

 Conference MVP
Cameron Collins (Grays Creek)

1st Team All-Conference Tournament
Cameron Collins (Grays Creek)
M.J. Frazier (Jack Britt)
Robert Strickland (Grays Creek)
Andrew Harman (Pine Forest)
Hunter Cameron (Cape Fear)

2nd Team All-Conference Tournament
Garrett Franzori (Jack Britt)
Chris Ezzelle (Pine Forest)
Drew Walker (Terry Sanford)
Brayden Harrison (Grays Creek)
Unique Sumerall (Pine Forest)

Final Team Standings
Gray's Creek (158-22)
Jack Britt (129-51)
Pine Forest (122-58)
Terry Sanford (119-61)
Cape Fear (90-90)
E.E. Smith (85-95)
Westover (76-104)
South View (50-130)
Seventy First (34-146)
Douglas Byrd (17-163)

#1 seed Callie Davis (Grays Creek) defeated #4 seed Angel Pope (Grays Creek) 194-159
#2 seed Savannah Starling (Cape Fear) defeated #3 seed Bridget Luckey (Jack Britt) 212-160
Savannah Starling  (Cape Fear) defeated Callie Davis (Gray's Creek) 246-182

Conference MVP
Savannah Starling (Cape Fear)

1st Team All-Conference Tournament
Callie Davis (Gray's Creek)
Savannah Starling (Cape Fear)
Bridget Luckey (Jack Britt)
Angel Pope (Gray's Creek)
Kathleen Harmanson (South View)

2nd Team All-Conference Tournament, Girls
Laura Starling (Cape Fear)
Kelly Smith (Pine Forest)
Jordan Collins (Pine Forest)
Tessa Graham (Jack Britt)
Caitlin Corbin (Cape Fear)

Final Team Standings
Jack Britt 156-24)
Grays Creek (134-46)
Cape Fear (132-48)
Seventy First (114-66)
Pine Forest (108-72)
Southview (84-96)
Terry Sanford (71-109)
Douglas Byrd (35-145)
E.E. Smith (33-147)
Westover (23-157)



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