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2002 Mid Southeastern Conference Baseball

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year
Sam Guy - Seventy First

Co-Players of the Year
Brandon Yarbrough - Richmond County
Eric Brown - Richmond County                                Baseball Individual Stats


Allen Flood Richmond County
Greg Wrape Richmond County
Daniel Corey Richmond County
Alex Bryant Richmond County
Richie Brown Seventy First
Daniel Vargas Seventy First
Andrew Mudd Scotland County
Chris Young Scotland County
Robbie Goins Scotland County
David McNeill Hoke County
C.J. Gaddis Hoke County
Ross McLauchlin Jack Britt
Jeremy Clark Jack Britt
Chris Starling Jack Britt
Ben Richardson Pinecrest
Stewart Richardson Pinecrest
Torrey Lowe Pinecrest
Raul Santiago Douglas Byrd
Ricky Hudson Douglas Byrd

Honorable Mention

Josh Porter Scotland County
Meshaw Simmons Hoke County
Jose Valentin Jack Britt
Mike Messana Pinecrest
Justin Sides Douglas Byrd
Calvin Tolbert Westover

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