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2001 Mid South Conference Baseball

All Conference Team

Coach of the Year
Terry Jeffreys - Cape Fear                                            Conference Stats

Players of the Year
Jeremy Egan - Cape Fear

1st Team       2nd Team    
Brandon Dees Pitcher Cape Fear   Richie Brown Pitcher Seventy First
Chris Starling Pitcher Jack Britt   Zack Evans Pitcher South View
Daniel Vargas Catcher Seventy First   Raul Santiago Catcher Douglas Byrd
Justin Farley Infield South View   Justin Sides Infield Douglas Byrd
Matt Jeffries Infield South View   Tommy Dunlap Infield Douglas Byrd
Andrew Foster Infield Terry Sanford   Zeb Nichols Infield Cape Fear
Kevin Hill Infield Westover   Justin Bryson Infield Pine Forest
James Warren Outfield Douglas Byrd   Craig Davis Infield E.E. Smith
C.J. Acker Outfield Pine Forest   Zack Hayes Outfield Cape Fear
Billy Catchings Outfield Seventy First   Jason Bryson Outfield Pine Forest
Jason Huffman Outfield South View   Joe Casey Outfield Terry Sanford
Chase Dodd DH Terry Sanford   J.J. Aguirre Outfield Westover
      Brandon Sandy DH South View
Honorable Mention       All-Cape Fear Region Team  
Kramer Pritchard Pitcher Cape Fear   C.J. Acker Pine Forest
Blake Maxwell Pitcher South View   Brandon Dees Cape Fear
Mike Powell Pitcher Westover   Jeremy Egan Cape Fear
Joe Casey Pitcher Terry Sanford   Justin Farley South View
Josh Simpson Catcher South View   Andrew Foster Terry Sanford
Mike Powell Catcher Westover   Jason Huffman South View
Kramer Pritchard Infield Cape Fear      
Phillip Strickland Infield Cape Fear      
Hunter Beasley Infield Pine Forest      
Jason Westerlind Infield Seventy First      
Joe Haia Infield Westover      
Chris Starling Outfield Jack Britt      
Ben Elliott Outfield Pine Forest      
Marcus Johnson Outfield South View      
Chris Roncketti Outfield South View      
Jeremy Jones Outfield Terry Sanford      
Joel Tetreault Outfield E.E. Smith      
Charles VanHook Outfield E.E. Smith      
David Talbot DH Jack Britt      

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