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High School Notebook: Weaver's words of wisdom (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 12/18/03)

NCHSAA kicks out Laurinburg Charter; Knox to retire; 1A, 2AA game times changed (Fayetteville Observer - 11/20/03)

NCHSSA Board of Directors makes major changes (NC i-High - 5/3/02)

Subdued day after football revolution (NC iHigh - 5/3/02)

NCHSAA votes to expand playoffs (Fayetteville Observer - 5/2/02)

Eight champs is more than enough (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 5/2/02)

Harrison excited about future (Fayetteville Observer - 5/2/02)

NCHSAA Board meeting to address hot topics (NC i-High - 4/30/02)

We need what’s right, not more prep titles (Fayetteville Observer/Earl Vaughan - 4/19/02)

Cape Fear region high schools face challenging changes (Fayetteville Observer - 6/24/01)

Expanding prep football playoffs not needed (See Earl Vaughn's column in Fayetteville Observer - 12/15/00)

Realignment gets OK (See Fayetteville Observe Article - 11/30/00)

Eight State Titles (See Article on - 11/30/00)

NCHSAA board to tackle realignment (See Fayetteville Observer Article - 11/23/00)

Earl Vaughn's High School Notebook - Playoff proposal needs look (See Fayetteville Observer Article - 9/28/00)

Coaches split over scenario (See Fayetteville Observer Article - 9/28/00)

Mid-South Conference break-up won’t end rivalries (See Fayetteville Observer Article - 8/25/00)

Realignment can create hard feelings (See Earl Vaughn's column in Fayetteville Observer - 8/25/00)

Realignment to shake up conferences (See Fayetteville Observer Article - 8/25/00)

Realignment has Richmond looking ahead (See Fayetteville Observer Article - 7/20/00)

E.E. Smith one step closer to remaining 4-A (See Fayetteville Observer Article - 6/14/00)

Conference realignment keeps Smith in 4-A (See Fayetteville Observer Article - 4/7/00)

High school realignment stirs up debate (see Fayetteville Observer article - 3/29/00)

Officials optimistic E.E. Smith High will remain in 4-A class (See Fayetteville Observer Article - 3/24/00)

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